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A Poultry Records Management System.

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A Classifieds Ads for Poultry.

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Poultry Breeds Pekin Duck Bobwhite Quail Black Turkey Apricot Trout Indian Runner Duck Pear Grey Guinea Fowl Chinese Goose Mucovy Duck White Silkie Pilgrim Goose What's is the Chicken Breed? Barred Plymouth Rock Buff Orpington White Cornish Rhode Island Red

the chicken came first

Track the management and breeding progress of your birds through:

  • Data Collection
  • Selection Criteria
  • Breeding Strategy
  • Evaluation

Unlimited Birds, Unlimited Records

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Breed and Grow your Birds.

Assorted Eggs


Keep current and past records of management, production and financial records of various parameters


Get Email and SMS alerts of activities and performance

Breed Performance

Track all progress and activities using standard KPIs


Monitor health and treatment metrics of your poultry


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